Shia LaBeouf Shaves with a Manly Straight Razor


Shia LaBeouf Shaving I have a confession to make: I watched Even Stevens when I was in high school. I know most people would consider that too old for the Disney Channel, but I enjoyed the series. LeBeouf has came along way since his humble Disney Channel beginnings. He’s starring in almost every movie coming out this year.

Shia LaBeouf may be rich and famous, but he is searching for answers to life’s questions just like you and me. Money and fame can’t answer those questions. Only God can. Parade recently did a photo shoot and interview (“I’m Proud of Growing Up Poor” and “The Mixed-Up Life of Shia LaBeouf”) with LeBeouf. Here are some of the comments he made:

Shia LaBeouf Diving

  • “If you look at our Billboard Top 100, a lot of those songs on there are from Christian country artists. A lot of rappers, too, are very Christian. The fact that [religion] is even still talked about is kind of wild to me. I think my generation understands it, but they are too selfish to let it matter.”
  • “Sometimes I feel I’m living a meaningless life, and I get frightened.”
  • “I don’t handle fame well. Most actors on most days don’t think they’re worthy. I have no idea where this insecurity comes from, but it’s a God-sized hole. If I knew, I’d fill it, and I’d be on my way.”
  • “I don’t give a damn about the money anymore.”
  • “Why did the love of my life and I break up? Man, I have no idea. What was that all about? I have no answers to anything. None. Why am I an alcoholic? I haven’t a damn clue! What is life about? I don’t know. What I do know is, I screw up, and I know that I’m working on myself to be a better person.”

Unfortunately, we are unable of becoming “a better person” on our own. We “all have sinned and fall[en] short of the glory of God” (Romans 3:23). Our problem really is “God-sized.” Only Jesus can save us from our sins. I join Christianity Today in praying that LeBeouf may find him.

Did you watch Even Stevens? What’s your favorite Shia LaBeouf movie? Do you ever find yourself asking some of the questions LaBeouf asked above? If you could say one thing to LaBeouf, what would it be? Confess in the comments.

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