The New Paraphrase on the Block


The Bible in Rhyme Cover

The Message is so yesterday. There’s a new paraphrase on the block, The Bible in Rhyme. Here’s Psalm 68 as a taste:

May God arise and scatter his foes.
The wicked will perish as everyone knows.
Sing to the Lord who rides on a cloud.
Extol your praises, crying aloud.
A father to orphans, the widow’s defender;
He honors believers and cuts down pretenders.
We marched through the desert with You as our guide
and gained our inheritance, though we were tried.
Great was the glory of those who announced
God and His name, but those who denounced
His honor were struck down, peasant and king.
But all who have seen His power now sing.
God sends one thousand chariots out
and crushes His enemies. Now who will doubt?!
The twelve tribes have come proclaiming a song.
Egypt and Cush will submit to the throng.
Announce that He’s come across all the earth.
All who know Him know what He is worth.
Wherever we tread and wherever we trod,
He will be with us. Praise be to God!

Last week we saw an attempt to update Jesus by putting a baseball cap on him. This week we have an attempt to update the Bible by making it rhyme. Do you think we need another Bible translation/paraphrase? What version(s) of the Bible do you use?

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