What is Popsickle?

Popsickle is a blog published by Swing the Sickle that explores pop culture and Christianity. Our purpose is to engage Christians in the task of transforming culture. Weekly, in-depth articles will answer the question, “How is Christianity relevant to culture?” Links to the best art around the web and interviews with Christian artists will demonstrate how others are living out their faith.

Why is the blog called Popsickle? Did you just misspell popsicle?

Swing the Sickle, the ministry that publishes Popsickle, gets its name from Joel 3:13, “Swing the Sickle, for the harvest is ripe.” We combined the pop from pop culture and the sickle from Swing the Sickle to form Popsickle, a spiritually-enriching treat!

How can I be notified when new articles are published?

  • RSS Feed. The easiest way to keep up with Popsickle is to subscribe to our RSS feed. If you don’t know how to use RSS, learn more at What Is RSS?. Google Reader is a great way to follow the RSS feed from Popsickle and your other favorite blogs.
  • Email. You can also subscribe to Popsickle by email, and we will email you when a new article is published on the blog.
  • Facebook. Become a fan of Popsickle on Facebook. We announce when new articles have been published. Plus you can participate in questions and conversations we post on our wall.

A new feature article is published every Monday. Feature articles offer in-depth analysis of pop culture from a Christian perspective. Shorter posts are published on Wednesdays that link to the best photos, videos, music, and poetry on the web.

All scripture quotations are from the TNIV unless otherwise noted.

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