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Jesus 2000


I love this short video (found at Drawn!). I wish I knew some backstory on it, but I haven’t been able to find any:

Jesus 2000 imagines Jesus with a beard and baseball cap. If Jesus had been born today instead of 2000 years ago, how would you imagine him?

Dialogue Visualized


We started a series Monday about the Significant Films of the 2000s. Above is a scene from The Lord of the Rings (definitely one of the significant films of the 2000s) performed by typography. There are dozens more of these. I’d like to see this done with Bible verses.

What are your favorite movie lines? Quote them in the comments.

Driving a Font


You just witnessed the future occupation of “motor typography.” Okay, not really, but these typographers do design a font with a car. And here is the result:

iQ Font Sample

You can download the font for yourself. It is a case study in collaboration. This font wasn’t created by a typographer meticulously kerning characters alone in a dark studio.

A professional race car driver drove a car in the shape of each letter. A film crew filmed the car from above. A computer programmer developed a custom application that tracked special colored dots attached to the top of the car and converted the motion of the vehicle into a font.

This font was designed as a promotion for Toyota. Does its commercial purpose change its status as art? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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